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 Our services have a very genuine and casual feel. We are currently holding services at 2010 Kalamazoo. We want you to feel comfortable to join in worship however you feel led. This is a collection of authentic and energetic believers who truly look forward to serving the community each week, and have a lot of fun doing it! Our church is filled with vibrant cultures that create a unique, multiethnic worship experience! We try not to get caught up in a perfect worship service, instead, we focus on glorifying our God to the best of our abilities and following as the Spirit leads. You can expect an engaging message from our Teaching Team that we pray is applicable and beneficial to you!


The worship style follows the diversity found throughout the church as a whole. It has an emphasis in gospel, but week-to-week is influenced by the various music cultures found in our worship team. Song selection varies from traditional hymns to contemporary style, it also includes original songs by several of the members.

You may have already seen this on our homepage, but we're so excited about this challenge, we want to mention it twice. We know it takes a little while to really get to know someone and build some relationships. So, we encourage you to take the three-week challenge: simply join us for gathered worship three Sundays in a row. We look forward to getting to know you better.


If you've completed the three-week challenge, fill out a quick survey to help us connect you to the Unison family even more! 



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