Coming Soon to a Theater Near You...

Hey Family!

Many of your have heard about last week's update for the Theater Project fundraiser. We received a $5,866 offering from Tribes last Sunday. This will covered 93% of the architect's fee.

Well this week, after hearing that update online, one of our Unison Family members (being blessed with a great business transaction) felt lead to donate $2000 to the project! That of course is more than we need for the architect fee and so now there are no hesitations at all about moving forward there and the rest will go into the pot as we continue raise funds for the project over all. The architect will do two great things: render plans and pictures for a visual of the vision and give us exact numbers to work with so we will be able to say for sure what we really need. The estimation is about $500k for phase one. We are still a ways off but God is doing it right in front of our eyes... PRAISE GOD!

Many of you wanted the link to the t-shirt sale on the APP... Here it is. The goal with this fundraiser is awareness. Every dollar helps for sure but this is more of an awareness raiser that Unison is "Coming Soon To A Theater Near You."

Buy The Shirt!


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