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Prayer is vital to life and this is certainly true for the life of a Local representation of the Church as well. We believe that prayer is powerful. When we listen to and seek God in prayer, our community, country, the world and individual lives are radically impacted. If you possess a passion for the ministry of prayer or are interested in cultivating this discipline in your own life, we would love for you to join the Unison Prayer Team.


Take our FREE spiritual gifts assessment and find out which areas your gifts fall in.

U F.I.T.

The Unison First Impressions Team (U F.I.T) consists of a group of people that are willing to present a servant's heart and welcome anyone who comes into Unison Christian Church. We meet at 9:15 am to set up refreshments, restroom toiletries, gather supplies, pray together and greet individuals who are coming to the service. It is our desire to promote a loving and welcoming environment and serve our God by using the gift of hospitality.

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Image by Tim Mossholder

Our Worship team, "Vertical," is focused on being used by God to help bring people to the throne of worship with humility, honor, and excitement. We take the calling of worship leaders in the church very seriously and strive for excellence and dedication. Our house band is called "Chocolate Jalapeños" because they are sweet and spicy. These are individuals who are dedicated to using their gifts to glorify God and lead Unison before the Lord in worship weekly. Become a part of our worship team!


As a church, we are dedicated to serving the community selflessly. At least once a quarter, we invite the entire church to participate in simple yet impactful community service events/projects. Our hope is to reach those pushed to the fringes of society with the Love of Christ and build relationships with them there. Then prayerfully look for opportunities to lead them to Christ. When we do it... we call it a "Do Something". If you have a burden or see a need that you would like Unison to fill, you may be perfect for this team.


Images and Words... We are bombarded by images and words all day long. At Unison, our hope is not to further pollute our society with more meaningless propaganda but to use images and words to convey the undying truth and unwavering love of Christ. Join our team to use images and words to shape our family.


Sometimes you don't see your particular skill set or gifting in a list... Maybe you don't see it above. That's okay. Don't let it stop you from getting plugged in. You tell us how you want to serve. We'll get you going! Fill out the contact form below and let us know what you're thinking.


Take our FREE spiritual gifts assessment and find out which areas your gifts fall in.

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